mercredi 25 septembre 2013

some work

I did some work on scratch with olds model, to have 2 more pzIvG for a 3 pz zug, both are old esci kits without big scratch, the 3rd only have to be drybrushed, details paint and a base also needed. The 4th pz IV as an esci but no more turret so I used a matchbox one and used turret shurzen so difference between 1/72 body and 1/76 turret is not seen much. I changed the gun, and added some details. the pz III are a munitionschlepper one and a beobachtung pzIII, both used at kursk, the fisrt is on a esci base, the second on altaya... the 3 sd are for the auklärung abteilung: sdkfz 223 dragon, sdkfz 222 britannia and a scratch sdkfz 221 on a arfix base with 28mm from dragon, All this will need some paint .....

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