mardi 8 octobre 2013

lucius vorenius

Just had the warlod 28mm figures "heroes of Rome" on last Friday and couldn't prevent to try to paint one...

lundi 7 octobre 2013

some progress this weekend

had some time this week end to paint the bef pz IVG, the pz IVG zug of 3, they need to be finished with details, also painted a beo pzIII on H chassis and a munitionschlepper pz III. the sdkfz 233 and 263 are the missing models of 8rad sdk for my aufklärung gruppe 1943 With some more times all this must be finished at the end of the week....

mercredi 25 septembre 2013

some work

I did some work on scratch with olds model, to have 2 more pzIvG for a 3 pz zug, both are old esci kits without big scratch, the 3rd only have to be drybrushed, details paint and a base also needed. The 4th pz IV as an esci but no more turret so I used a matchbox one and used turret shurzen so difference between 1/72 body and 1/76 turret is not seen much. I changed the gun, and added some details. the pz III are a munitionschlepper one and a beobachtung pzIII, both used at kursk, the fisrt is on a esci base, the second on altaya... the 3 sd are for the auklärung abteilung: sdkfz 223 dragon, sdkfz 222 britannia and a scratch sdkfz 221 on a arfix base with 28mm from dragon, All this will need some paint .....

mardi 10 septembre 2013

Some progress in my Kamfgruppue, the pack 38 is fished and based, sdkfz 232 need highlights and some other painting details and a base the 3 hetzer are not for the Kampfgruppe, but Philippe gave me 3 old a Altaya model friday evening and I could'nt stopped me from painting the as there were some paint in my airbrush Thank to Panzerfaust200, indeed some tamiya Buff is better..