jeudi 30 septembre 2010

african milicia

now I will make a break with american troops, I'll go back to Africa, as I start to paint african milicians

photos in some days or weeks

hummers finished

Here are my 6 Humvees ready for combat:

First, a M1114 for platoon commander

one M1152A1 for ammunition supply:

And 4 M1151A1 for combat, 2 with .50 MG and 2 with 40mm GL:

jeudi 23 septembre 2010


last week I have received Hummers from IrishSerb

what can I say? .... WONDERFULL!!!!

Probably the most wonderfull 15mm cars I've ever seen.

But as always, I put some things to make then even more realistics and convert 5 of them into the last models ( one as cargo), with anti IED systems, radio antenna, more protected glasses .....

Thanks Irish Serb for such wonderfull minis and I do only wait for one thing: your M2A2 wich much come soon.

new african technicals

Some new technicals for my milician/rebels africans wariors

2 Rovers, one with M2 .50 HMG and one with SPG9 recoiless gun.
They are from QRF, very good minis!, with QRF HMG and drivers and Peter Pig guners and SPG

jeudi 9 septembre 2010

african heavy technical

QRF ZSU 23/2 on Peter Pig Unimog and PP crew

my minis in work with the next technicals: range rover with .50 and SPG

dimanche 5 septembre 2010

Irak freedom M113 A1

so, for my project of modern american army, I have made a M113
I will now make a break with it untill I will receive Irishserb Hummers, and some Oshkosh, M813, and unarmoured Hummers from QRF.

go and see the wonderfull minis from Irishserb:

vendredi 3 septembre 2010

MRAP Cougar finished

wheras Irak Freedom is said to be finished, I've just finish my conversion from QRF Mastiff to a Cougar.
So it will fight in Afganistan for longer I think...

jeudi 2 septembre 2010

MRAP progress

So I received my air brush and tried my first painting
I didn't wait enouth so there is not contrast according to me