dimanche 29 août 2010

samedi 28 août 2010

COUGAR conversion

The COUGAR after a Tamiya grey surface primer

QRF Mastiff conversion into US MRAP COUGAR

I have decided to make some vehicules for my modern us infantry

First of all a MRAP, I'd love those giant armoured truck, a come back of spanish civil war.

The only miniature I do know is QRF Mastiff ( the english version ), so I tried to find some pictures of MRAP ( thank you google )

My biggest hope is to make such a wonderful paint:

Thank you Timmy for those wonders

jeudi 26 août 2010

delta in the mog

here are my first figures for the Mog

even if the helmets are not the good one, PP marines if painted can feel well in 15mm

lundi 9 août 2010

PLO project

My first try for PLO fighter
Figures always from PP

Chadian toyotas

First and favorite one, a toyota on which I put a pateforme ( plasticart ) and above an antiaircraft gun of 14.5mm very frequently used in Africa. My only regret: pp did not bring out it bitube.
In noted for the fans of hummer that the same realization of 14.5mm AA was realized on Hummer in particular by Morocco.

The effect of grime and dust was realized with pastels.

The 2nd toyota goes up simply a DSHK 12.7mm slightly under sized according to me by PP. the fighter comes from the command pack of the militiamen of PP.

The 2 models side by side

African Project

As said previously, I do begin on several théatres at the same time, the purpose being not to miss to paint 10 000 figs idem, as when I played in medieval classic, and anyway I have not found a partner in my place for AA yet.
I was always fascinated by the Chad, as probably many French fanatical about military history (deserts, the point of departure of Leclerc (one of the most famous french general of general de Gaulle army during the 2WW), the numerous still recent French operations in a country knowing almost annual conflicts) and especially child, I dreamed in front of the story of his warriors pulverizing armoured columns in full desert on their modest Toyotas (it is true for some armed with missiles Milan gentillement supplied by France with probably some "advisers") to kick Lybiens too much entreprenants.
Here are thus my first 2 Toyota reconstituted with figurines and parts from PP with some retouch for the poses and head.

samedi 7 août 2010

support teams

light mortar 60mm M224:

sniper team M40A1 / M14DMR and spotter

heavy machinegun .50 M2

2 medium machineguns m240G