lundi 9 août 2010

African Project

As said previously, I do begin on several théatres at the same time, the purpose being not to miss to paint 10 000 figs idem, as when I played in medieval classic, and anyway I have not found a partner in my place for AA yet.
I was always fascinated by the Chad, as probably many French fanatical about military history (deserts, the point of departure of Leclerc (one of the most famous french general of general de Gaulle army during the 2WW), the numerous still recent French operations in a country knowing almost annual conflicts) and especially child, I dreamed in front of the story of his warriors pulverizing armoured columns in full desert on their modest Toyotas (it is true for some armed with missiles Milan gentillement supplied by France with probably some "advisers") to kick Lybiens too much entreprenants.
Here are thus my first 2 Toyota reconstituted with figurines and parts from PP with some retouch for the poses and head.

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