samedi 7 août 2010

Modern US army

To realize Americans of recent period in Afganistan and Iraq, I used the most beautiful figurines, PP according to me, even if vests and transport of ammunitions are not any more up to date since the beginning of 2000 for the army US, but in 15mm it does not see itself or almost.

The figurines of PP 15mm modern customs(US) are proportionned well, in the realistic poses and the weapons, in particular the M4 sopmod, are magnificent.

hurra PP for these realizations!

Figurines are grouped together in a platoon of 4 teams of 4 men (1 with M16 / M203, 1 M4 sopmod, 1 M16 and 1 M 249), 1 sergeant for 2 teams and a 1 lieutenant and radio.
Every team has also a 1 M136 AT 4.

The realization of the camouflage of uniforms in DIGITAL ACU MARPAT is more than complicated in 15mm but the depiction seems to me not too bad.

It represents in quite 20 figurines.

4 commentaires:

  1. It is not MARPAT you did a perfect army ACU (that is not an ACU MARPAT... I know the american armed forces have that penchant for acronyms but:

    Army Combat Uniform (ACU)
    MARine PATtern (MARPAT)

    and those two services tend to not be very friendly to each other!

    Alos a platoon is organized:

    1 HQ (Lieutenant, Sergeant, RTO and Medic)
    3 Squads (1 squad leader, 2 identical fire team with one team leader (m4), one automatic rifleman(m249) one grenadier (m4-M203 combo, now with the new grenade launcher coming into service) and one rifleman (m4).

    M136 are distributed on mission requirement basis and one men in each squad is a AT gunner trained with the Javelin (allocated on mission basis, mech and motorized unit get more beacuse they can store on the vehicles).

    by the way a combat team is a brigade sized formation...

    welcome in the world of the crazy modern us army! and again wonderful painting!

  2. Bonjour,

    Comment avez vous peint les uniformes ACU? Tout simplement superbe.

  3. What size base have you based these figures on?

    Thank you,