mardi 3 septembre 2013

Kampfgruppe Meyer

I'm not talking about an Ardennes SS 44 kampfgruppe, but of my Kampfgruppe, I decided to do to play Battlegroup the Kampfgruppe will be mainly of Grossdeutchland pz grenardier div, as it's one of the only elite german div that had fighted during the whole war, without being involved in war or humanity crime... To begin with we will play the first scenario of Kampfgroup Kourk: Clash of Reconnaissance As we have already 20mm minis, we have decided to play Battlegroup Kurk, as it is almost the most effective model range... For this as the german player I have to paint 30 german miniatures, a truck, a pak 38, a pz IVG, a sdkfz 232 and a sdkfz 233 So last week I had a look at what I had in the old models box and found an opel truck and a pz IV G, both were esci with made with poor glue and hand painted with humbrol enamel... so I cleaned them, reglued some parts and took missing parts on other models to make them better... after what I have painted them and washed them with AK enamel I have also buy a PSC pak 38, and have already painted the 6 figs to have the pak crew and also a 3 men loaderteam

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